TJ53E Kawasaki strimmers

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The 2700UK is a professional quality brush cutter powered by a 26.3cm3 Kawasaki engine. With the Kawasaki Advanced Recoil system, starting the engine couldn’t be simpler. The Bike handle offers a comfortable working position and greater control. An auto bump feed nylon head allows for quick replenishment of the cutter line. Perfect for Professionals who want a lightweight brushcutter, or homeowners looking for the best.

Professional quality brushcutter for light / medium jobs.

Key Features of the Kawasaki 2700UK

  • Powerful Kawasaki engine.
  • Pro grass trimmer head.
  • Bike handles.
  • Low vibration & ergonomic controls.
  • Pro shoulder strap.
  • Kawasaki advanced recoil.

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