Metabo ASR 35m Vacuum Kit (110v)



  • Metabo

The Metabo ASR 35 M ACP All-Purpose Vacuum offers high user protection: certified in accordance with EU standard for M Class dusts. It is ideal for dust extraction from power tools in continuous mode, both on construction sites and in the workshop. Especially suited for extracting concrete and rock dust. Suitable for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration.

AutoCleanPlus: saves both cost and time thanks to automatic MPulse filter cleaning during continuous use. If the optimum suction performance falls below a certain level, the filters are vibrated immediately. It also automatically shuts down once the maximum fill level is reached when vacuuming liquids. Automatic trailing mechanism for emptying the suction hose completely.

It has a sturdy design thanks to especially large wheels and castors with wheel stop. The body features include: cable winding mechanism, practical accessory case and storage area, and a power socket for use with a power tool with automatic start-up/shut-down.



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