Comet K 250 Classic Cold Washer



  • Comet

Blue Series Professional cold wash ideal for carwash use


  • Sturdy injection-moulded plastic casing Handy lance and gun storage
  • Handle with supports for the power cable and delivery hose
  • Easy maintenance by simply removing the front casing
  • Big wheels (220 mm Ø) for easy movement up and down steps and over uneven ground
  • Removable detergent tank with level visible from the outside
  • Detergent adjustment with filter
  • Regulated low-pressure detergent suction
  • Pressure gauge
  • 4-pole motor (1400 rpm) well oversized and protected with paint
  • Built-in professional unloader valve
  • Delayed TotalStop
  • Self-priming pumps with EASY-START device on single-phase models Rotary switch
  • Motor thermal protection


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