Stephill SE34003S 3.4kVA / 2.7kW Open Frame Honda GX200 Petrol Generator



  • Honda

The Stephill SE34003S is designed to offer both affordable yet totally reliable power for a varying range range of applications and uses. It is a marked upgrade from the SE3400 models that have been superseded by this new model which now incorporates a third output socket.

This is the standard SE34003S model, though it also comes in a version with a long run fuel tank model. This model has the standard size fuel tank, which lasts up to 3.6 hours before the need to refuel.

It is powered by a commercial Honda GX200 6.5hp four-stroke engine this set is primarly designed for some serious work, and is backed up by a 3 year limited engine warranty. The alternator is also of the highest order, being of Italian origin, the power is drawn from a close coupled to brushless maintenance free alternator with typical low waveform distortion characteristics which help to give an incredibly smooth output. This is made by NSM (Nuova Saccardo Motori) and is the K80C model of alternator.

Another of the entry level Stephill petrol generators from the ‘Super Economy’ range, this is a 2.7kW or 3.4kVA max. output model, built in the UK to last. It comes with top mounted control boxes, as well as anti-vibration mounts and heavy duty steel wrap-around frames for ultimate protection.

Noise compliant using the latest low noise engine specification with dual voltage output c/w overload protection, the SE34003S is completed with the inclusion of three S4343 (2 x 115V 16a Sockets 1 x 230V 16a) industrial sockets.



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